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Picaxe Information

Official Website
The Picaxe website is the first place to go when getting started with the Picaxe microcontroller.

The website has:

  • Manuals to download
  • Free programming software downloads
  • Datasheets for the various Picaxe microcontrollers
  • List of distributors
  • Links to other Picaxe websites
  • FAQs
  • Order product - Picaxe, starter boards, kits, cables, connectors, etc...

Programming Editor
The programming editor software is free and can be downloaded from the Picaxe website. The software is intended for educational and personal use. It is not to be used for commercial purposes.

The software allows you to program the Picaxe microcontrollers using either the BASIC language or by using flowchart symbols. You can also simulate your BASIC or flowchart program before downloading the program to the Picaxe. Both Serial and USB cables are supported. This cable connects between the computer and your Picaxe circuit.

There are three Picaxe manuals which can be downloaded from the Picaxe website.
  1. Getting Started (picaxe_manual1.pdf)
    • Provides basic information for getting started with the Picaxe system.
    • Basic information on the different Picaxe microcontrollers available.
  2. BASIC Commands (picaxe_manual2.pdf)
    • Provides specific information, syntax, and examples of the BASIC commands available to the Picaxe microcontrollers.
  3. Microcontroller interfacing circuits (picaxe_manual3.pdf)
    • Interfacing circuits and program examples of common input/output devices.

The Picaxe Forum is the place to go with any questions, comments, or problems you may have.

If you have a question it is best to search the forum and see is someone else has already asked your question.

If you want to share your projects you can also do that.

This site is for the private use of it's members. Please email info@pertneer.com with any questions.