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When I learned about the PICAXE series of microcontrollers I knew that this was the one for me. My creative juices started flowing. I would be able to program in Basic. I didn't need any special programming hardware - programmed in your circuit. The editing software is a free download. They're inexpensive with a variety to choose from (8 to 40 pins). Lastly there's a very helpful forum.

Although I have a lot of clock projects, the last thing I wanted to do was build another digital clock using a 7-segment or LCD readout. How boring. Why not just re-invent the wheel? I wanted to build things which were one of a kind.

Most of the items on this site are my ideas, although I can't guarantee that no one else has also thought of it. There are a few exceptions to this which I point out in the project description. I must say however that none of those projects used a PICAXE so I re-designed them and the circuitry and programs are all mine.

The information provided by this site and the projects described are not intended to teach about microcontrollers, programming or interfacing. This knowledge is assumed or can be gained by downloading the manuals from the Picaxe website.

This site is for the private use of it's members. Please email info@pertneer.com with any questions.